About Us

Beat Central Dance Company was founded in 2011 by Jane Hennessy Craibe and Kevin Craibe. Jane's lifelong love for dance had her always wanting to open up her own dance studio to help teach, inspire, and guide young talent to fulfilling their dreams.

Commonly referred to as BCDC, Beat Central Dance Company has evolved from a small business into a booming dance studio which is home to over 400 dancers and over 20 staff! It's easy to feel at home and feel the love when in or around the studio, as BCDC has adopted a family-like environment.

Core Values

Inspire: to foster the passion of dance within the community.

Motivate: to motivate everyone watching the fluid movements of dance to participate.

Celebrate: to rejoice the arts of music and dance while having fun.

Unify (Togetherness): bringing dancers and their love for the activity together in one place - BCDC.

• We strive for innovative, creative & great choreography.

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