Birthday Party

The party begins with a fun full body warm up and stretch. This is followed by the instruction of basic dance techniques in your chosen genre, as well as a choreographed dance routine with visual lighting effects and fog! The second hour of the party typically consists of food & refreshments, followed by cake and presents (provided by you).


  • 1 Large Studio Room (Dance)

  • 1 Medium Studio Room (Set up for Cake/Presents)

  • Instructor

  • Light Machine

  • Fog Machine

  • 1 Hour of Dance

  • 1 Hour for Cake and Presents

Parties are offered in two genres – Hip Hop or Jazz

​Parties generally take place on Sundays, but we may be able to accommodate your schedule.

Don't see something that you'd like to have added? Let us know and we may be able to work something out!

Message us on Facebook at, call 613-861-2232, or send us an email at to get a free quote and book your birthday party with us today!!